YOU'VE got one life IT'S TIME TO fall in love with it.

I hear you. You’re sick to death of counting calories, feeling self-conscious about your body, eating emotionally, and following every new diet trend to its exact specifications with exactly zero results (except maybe lots of added stress, which, let’s be honest: only makes the bag of chips haunting you in your pantry that much more desirable).

You’ve been trying really hard to make time for your health, but need about 5,000 hours more in the day if you’re going to meditate, cook all your own food, make it to the gym, get a full eight hours of sleep, have proper alone time, AND socialize, all while being a professional rockstar, and perfectly present partner, spouse, child, sister, parent, best friend, co-worker [insert endless stream of roles and expectations here].

You’re done with feeling out of balance, exhausted, and unhappy with the way you look.

You want to be inspired by the kitchen again, but talk of maca, or matcha, or millet makes your head swim. You want to learn more about healthy ingredients, but also want tips on how to prepare them, and ways of shopping more mindfully without exploding your bank account.

And let’s be honest: having a personal cheerleader through all of this would be pretty great. A little accountability and help along the way never hurt anyone, right?

Even though we’ve found ourselves in different spaces and experiences – I’ve lived most of the past decade in Central America, for instance – I seek her counsel when I’m struggling. She doesn’t need to have lived what you’re living in order to look at you and see you, to know which questions to ask, to drive to the kernel of the thing like a moth to a flame. She will root for you. She will listen. She will kindly tell you to buck up when warranted, and you will be convinced she’s right. You will carry her voice in your head –  with all her gusto, compassion and ballsy humor – and, in doing so, you’ll get that extra dose of support you want to achieve your goal.

Here’s the bottom line: if you’ve found your way to this web page among the billions that exist, if you think health coaching might be a good next step in your life, if you’re considering working with Amanda, do it. Give yourself this gift.

—Danielle M. 


"Amanda’s candor, humor, and authenticity was refreshing and highly-valued during our sessions. Speaking to someone who listens intently, relates well, and is ever attentive helped me stay focused. I highly recommend Amanda to any ambitious lady bosses looking to make comprehensive health a priority."

—Cathy K.

Through one-on-one coaching, I will help you restore your health, revolutionize the way you see food, and give you the tools and encouragement you need to completely transform your life.

Together, we’ll get to the root of what's holding you back, and develop a personalized plan to achieve each and every one of your health goals in a way that fits into YOUR lifestyle.