Growing up, I approached health…loosely. I come from the Midwest, where steak and butter are the way of life (peanut butter and butter sandwiches, anyone?). And although meals were balanced at home, I had a rabid addiction to Diet Coke, and was happiest when swimming in a buffet of french fries, candy, and fast food-anything.

Even as a kid I never felt super confident in my body. When I got older and went away to college I waged a full-on war against myself, and weight became an obsession. Long hours at the gym, cigarettes, and a very disordered diet were the opposite of wellness. I powered through insanely long days on little to eat and even less sleep, leaving my body strung out, angry, sad, and totally exhausted. 

And then I found Kris Carr, whose Crazy Sexy empire exploded my brain, because she was the first person to introduce me this radical concept:


Kris accomplished the impossible: keeping stage four cancer at bay for over a decade through diet and holistic wellness. My whole life I was convinced I would die of cancer, because that’s how dozens of people in my family had lost their lives. Learning what processed foods were, how to cut them out, and discovering plant-based eating was the game-changer for me. It gave me control of my life again, and launched a life-changing transformation to my health and happiness.

Without thinking twice or counting a single calorie, I dropped weight and bloat, my skin cleared up, I started sleeping better, I kicked a decade-long addiction to caffeine, and now operate on unholy amounts of natural energy. My life changed beyond my diet as well. I got rid of toxic relationships, stood up for myself more, and finally started saying no to things things that didn't feed me. Entrenched layers of guilt and shame melted away. And food, the thing that had plagued me daily and made me hate myself became my greatest joy.

Experiencing my own wellness transformation opened my eyes to how unhappy and out of balance so many of us are. And how totally unnecessary it is. If you’re reading this and any of it is resonating with you, it’s likely that something is out of balance in your life. Once you address health concerns at their core, your weight, emotional life, social interactions, and professional and spiritual ambitions will fall into line as well. I promise you that. 

All this aside, I understand that prioritizing health in our over-stressed, frazzled, chaotic world is no easy task. Which is why for so many of us, our own wellness — the very thing that should be most important — falls utterly by the wayside. I get you.

I historically tried to run my life on fifteen thousand cylinders, saying yes to everything, keeping an impossible schedule, and giving way too much energy to things that could not have cared less about me in return. Sound familiar?

I propose we break that cycle. Because it sucks, it’s making us really sick, and serves exactly no one.

So, why health coaching? I spent years working in the corporate world as an editorial director for a multi-billion dollar global beauty brand. Although it was my dream job at first, as time went on I noticed a growing disconnect between my personal values and passions and what I was doing to make a living. That's when I realized helping others was my true vocation. I was devoting every minute of my free time to health, wellness, and inspiring my personal community, and I lived for it. Going to the grocery store with friends and family and helping them choose healthier options for their favorite staples, showing people that “vegan” is not actually a word for when something tastes like cardboard, becoming the go-to person whenever someone needed a new recipe to try, encouraging loved ones to get in the kitchen and expand their palates with plant-based ingredients, helping people to identify the ways in which their lives were out of balance, and showing them that your diet isn’t just made up of what you eat: but is fundamentally rooted in all the ways in which you feed yourself, including relationships, career, movement, and spirituality.

I am a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a spinning instructor, and will complete 200-hour yoga teacher training by the end of this year. In addition to these things, I live in Brooklyn, am a voracious reader, adore traveling the country to hike national parks with my husband, am a true crime fiend, and find cooking soup to be the most profound type of meditation. 

I also promise I will never tell you that you can’t have wine. Because that’s just ridiculous. 

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"Amanda's guidance and passion have made a significant impact on my life. Her knowledge and experience will enrich your life in ways you haven't experienced before. Her practices are down to earth, relatable, and individualized; they will lead to you becoming a much happier and fulfilled person."  

—Alexandria L.

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