An Ode To Face Masks

I recently wrote a piece for my friend Kate's fabulous skincare website, The Regimen, about my undying love of face masks. I profiled my favorites—all of which are completely natural and vegan—and you can enjoy a sneak peek below!

 My best friend Jack and I enjoying a spa night in LA. 

My best friend Jack and I enjoying a spa night in LA. 

I love face masks.

I am smitten with their luxury. Namely, the high-brow experience of smothering my face in exotic ingredients, juxtaposed against the low-brow reality of watching Law and Order: SVU in my pajamas while drinking a glass of Rioja from a bottle that definitely cost less than $15. Luxury.

I haven’t always been this way. In my late 20s, I learned about the chemicalization of our food system, and its devastating connection to chronic disease. As I removed processed foods from my home and diet, I overhauled my makeup and skincare products as well. This shift unveiled a whole new approach to beauty, one powered by plants. And it transformed my skincare regimen into one fueled by anti-aging rose oil, detoxifying activated charcoal powder, cellulite-shaming coffee grounds, and the rich exfoliation of French pink, green, and white clay.

My teenaged years were highlighted by unruly, oily skin, with a penchant for breakouts. And now, in my 30s, the acne has abated, thank goodness, but my skin concerns have evolved. I’m not afraid of wrinkles, but who doesn’t want their face lit with a natural, youthful glow? To keep my skin eternally radiant, I’ve curated an army of vegan, all-natural face masks, each designed to target a particular issue. All of which feel delicious on the skin.

To read about my favorites (including one that's perfect for hangover face), head over to the post on The Regimen!