so what is a health coach exactly?

I am a champion for your wellbeing. Your personal sidekick in figuring out what needs to change in your current lifestyle and how to change it.

I have no doubt that you’re a savvy person. You’ve already taken the biggest, boldest step, which is deciding that you want more for your health. You’ve even gone so far as to Google “health coach.”

But there’s a difference between knowing what to do and actually getting to work and doing it.

That’s where I come in. I will help you set personal health goals, and then be there to hold you accountable and encourage you every step along the way.

And I promise, it’s way more fun than trying to do it alone. 

"Amanda is an incredible communicator. She always listens. Never preaches. Her deep understanding of the things that hold us back is what makes her an ideal guide to achieving a happier, healthier, and more centered life."

—John S.



what you get:

  • A complimentary 60-minute chat, just you and I

  • 6 months of one-on-one counseling over the phone, in-person, or through Skype

  • A welcome packet questionnaire and full health history session

  • Tips for building more nutrient-dense, balanced meals, and a customized plan for getting your wellness back on track

  • A full dissection of your health issues and a developed strategy for treating them at their core, including: poor sleep, cravings, gut issues and bloating, fatigue, brain fog, lack of physical activity, stress, malnutrition, and so much more

  • Weekly assignments and recommendations, driven by your personal goals

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions

  • A goal-oriented, therapeutic environment, powered by practical tools, achievable recommendations, and measured results

  • Emotional support for clients seeking to find greater balance in their health and wellbeing

  • Additional bonus materials as needed, including grocery checklists, journals, handouts, books, and additional resources

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